Near the hidden town of Taroudant, nestled in the valleys of the Anti-Atlas.
Sun-kissed hills laden with Argan trees stretch far into the distant haze.

Our story

It all started the first time I applied Argan oil to my cheeks and forehead before heading off to bed.

My previous skincare routine of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and retinoic acid had always left my face frustratingly oily and prone to breakouts. When I awoke in the morning light, I instantly knew something was different. For the first time in years, my skin felt fresh, rehydrated, and moisturized. As I looked into the mirror, I noticed it was in perfect balance, neither too oily nor too dry. The new pimples and zits I had come to expect every morning? Nowhere to be seen.

I packed my bags and set off for Morocco in the late summer of 2016. Unlike many others, I wasn't visiting as a tourist, but instead wanted to live and work in the country I had become enamored with. My goal was to learn the language and foster a special connection with the local culture, gaining a unique point of view and pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

While working in a local Moroccan export firm, I was sent southwards on a business trip to the town of Taroudant, nestled deep within the Sousse valley. There, for the first time, I laid eyes on the endless groves of Argan trees and saw first-hand how the industry formed a lifeline for the community. Having been welcomed with positivity, hospitality and the greeting of "Saha u Raha!", I left the valley with small, homemade bottles of freshly-extracted Argan oil from the neighboring orchards.

After returning to the United States, I teamed up with two friends and founded Just Argan by Saha™ in 2019. Our goal is to spread positivity, wholeness, and the welcoming spirit of Morocco, providing you with a piece of Saha: 100% natural, sustainably grown and ethically sourced Argan oil.

Why sustainability matters

During the time I spent in Morocco, I developed a strong bond with the local people and culture. It's for this reason that we seek to have a positive impact on the community where our product is harvested.

In the course of my work abroad, I forged strong relationships with Argan suppliers. Today, those relationships allow us to work directly with small, independent Argan distributors who put an emphasis on sustainability and equity.

  • All of our Argan oil comes from a single source, ensuring a high standard of quality and integrity.
  • All of our Argan oil is harvested by women's co-operatives of the Sousse valley. These government-sponsored co-operatives empower local women through the Argan industry. By exclusively sourcing our Argan oil from these co-operatives, we directly benefit these women, their families, and the entire community.
  • All of our Argan oil is harvested, extracted and refined completely by hand, encouraging the respect and preservation of local traditions.

Why buying local matters

We recognize the need to support local businesses and give back to our community. That's why everything that goes into Just Argan by Saha™ is 100% Washington state.

  • All of our bottles, labels, packaging and other materials are sourced from local companies based in Washington.
  • We bottle and package every box by hand  in a sterile, safe environment. Professional-grade material and techniques ensure that our product remains completely free of impurities at all times.
  • A low-volume, high-detail approach guarantees that every bottle of Argan oil sent to our customers  is of the best quality, free of defects and packaged with care.
PETA Animal Test-Free

Just Argan by Saha™ is proud to be 100% Animal Test-Free and Vegan.

Every hand-crafted bottle contains a piece of Saha.
Straight from the sun-baked Argan fields of Morocco.